Child Support Facts

While children are priceless, long-term care for a child can be a huge financial undertaking. Child support provides assistance to help finance the extensive needs of a developing child. When spouses divorce, the non-custodial parent must usually make payments to the custodial payment in the form of child support.  Child support is usually dictated by the court, and generally takes into account a number of factors, including the current income of each parent, total assets and liabilities, the price of things like clothes, standard of living, educational expenses, and health insurance.  In situations where the court advises joint custody, expenses are shared equally by both parents.

In some situations, the court can alter the original agreement in order to take into consideration the changing financial status of either spouse.  Remarriage, changes in the health of either the parent or child, and the age of the child can change the court order.  Even though laws are different from state to state, most municipalities agree that child support can end when the child turns 18, though this can be affected by different variables such as the marital status, health needs, and disposition of the child.

Another common child support issue occurs between parents who were never married. Depending on the state, the “assumed father” is established through paternity tests or admission of the father.  In other cases, a man who supports a child can be sometimes be the “presumed” father, and must then must provide financial support and assume liability for the child.  People who refuse to pay their child support can be prosecuted for their inaction, and their wages are subject to wage garnishment, seizure of property, business suspension, and tax refund interception.

The daily care of a child can be incredibly expensive and child support is an essential need for the parent left with child-rearing duties.  These issues can be extremely complicated and understanding complex child support laws can be overwhelming, so the guidance of a dedicated and experienced child support lawyer can prove invaluable throughout the process.  Get the help that you need today - your children deserve nothing less. 
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