Child Support Statistics

Unfortunately for the child who must rely on support for meeting his or her basic needs, child support statistics often do not reflect the reality of child support payments.  When the courts determine child support payments after a divorce, they must take into several factors into consideration.  These factors can include the couple’s number of children, the physical and mental special needs of the child, the location of the household, and the income of the custodial spouse.  The reality is that not every child support judgment can anticipate the myriad number of variables that occur in every day life that can instantly drain a bank account.

Child support statistics for 2002:

  • 84% of child support providers are men
  • 60% of child supporters provide for one child, 30% support two, and 10% support three or more children
  • Almost 50% of the people who make child support payments are younger than 40
  • Men pay a medium of $3,600 annually to support their children, while women pay a medium of $2,400 each year.
  • The median income of a provider of child support is $42,000
  • 76% of the child support payments are due to court order or child support agreement.
  • 38% of child support providers are responsible for health insurance, medical bills, and other assorted health care costs.
  • 17% of child support agreements make no provision for health care of children.
  • The most common ways of collecting child support are:
    • Wage withholding: 33.8%
    • Direct payment to parent: 31.7%
    • Direct payment to child support agency: 14.38%
    • Direct payment to the court: 17.7%
    • Other methods: 2.4%

Child support can make a world of difference in the lives of the children and families who need it.  In order to grow up healthy, happy, and well adjusted, children need support and care throughout their lives, and if that chain of support is disrupted there is no telling how it could affect them.  Make sure that your kids get the financial and emotional support that they deserve.

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